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Medical Services: HIV Services


MNHC’s Clinica Esperanza (Clinic of Hope), offers a continuum of HIV treatment services. The clinic’s interdisciplinary model has earned the attention and respect of public health officials and health practitioners in the community and nationwide. We are the only healthcare facility in San Francisco that offers monolingual Spanish-speaking clients the opportunity to receive all their services in their native language.


Clinica Esperanza offers our HIV+ patients:
  • Sensitive and compassionate medical care
  • Case Management
  • Health Education
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Dental Referrals
  • Treatment Adherence support
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Peer Advocacy – an opportunity to work with a staff member who is also HIV+, who can assist in navigating the healthcare system and provide morale support
  • Support and healthy living groups
  • Hermanos de Luna y Sol – HIV risk-reduction intervention program for Spanish-speaking, immigrant gay and bisexual men in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Twenty-four years ago I walked in to Clinica Esperanza with a new diagnosis that everybody thought was the beginning of the end. The Clinic became a safe haven in many ways . . . I believe the clinic helped save my life.
    - Per Eidspjeld, former patient

  • "MNHC is about building a healthy community."
    - Fernando Gomez Benitez, MNHC Deputy Director

Access to quality care

90% of our patients are up-to-date with their routine HIV care, compared to 57% of all persons living with HIV in SF (SFDPH Epidemiology Report 2011); all of our patients receive the support they need to enter in to and remain engaged in medical care.

Access to medication

97% of our patients are on antiretroviral therapy, individually managed by their care team to meet their needs and treatment goals.

Outstanding outcomes

89% of our patients experience viral suppression, compared to 62% of all persons living with HIV in SF (SFDPH HIV Epidemiology Report 2011). Viral suppression dramatically improves a person with HIV to thrive and decreasing the chance of passing on HIV to others.


Shotwell Clinic

240 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 552-3870

  • 2 blocks from the 16th Street BART station
  • MUNI bus lines: 12, 14, 14R, 22, 33, 49, and 53
  • SamTrans bus line: 5M

After Hours: (415) 552-3870; This service is free for our patients Monday- Friday, 5:00pm-7:59am; Including weekends.

Latino Wellness Center

1663 Mission Street, Suite 603, San Francisco, CA 94013

(415) 240-4104

  • MUNI bus lines: 14, 14R, and 49

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