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marzo 3, 2014

MNHC HIV Clinic receives generous donation from the estate of Thomas M. Dross

In February, the HIV Clinic at MNHC, Clínica Esperanza, received a generous donation of $100,000 from the Thomas M. Dross Estate. Clínica Esperanza was one of 11 recipients of the over $2.1 million dollar gift, which benefited HIV/AIDS organizations throughout San Francisco, Sonoma County, Palm Springs and Philadelphia.

“This is one of the largest private donations to AIDS / HIV charities in the past decade,” said Alfredo Casuso and David Perry, co-executors of the Dross Estate. “AIDS is not over. Our hope is that the size of this donation will refocus people’s attention on the work of these fine efforts — and others — in the fight against AIDS / HIV. . . .we want people to remember and show love to their local AIDS service organizations and those living with AIDS / HIV.”

Thomas M. Dross died of a heart attack on January 7, 2012 in Palm Springs. His will specified AIDS / HIV charities as the beneficiary of his estate.

Clínica Esperanza provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary primary care and supportive services to over 400 HIV+ patients per year. Clínica Esperanza is the home of the Latino Center of Excellence in San Francisco, and specializes in culturally and linguistically appropriate care for a diverse population. Learn more about Clínica Esperanza and our HIV programs here.

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