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julio 27, 2016

At Home in the Excelsior: Dr. Brad Williams

Dr. WiliamsOne of the first things you notice when you speak with Dr. Brad Williams, Clinical Chief at MNHC’s Excelsior Clinic, is his gentle voice and humble demeanor.

Dr. Williams grew up in Alabama, in a bilingual household with medical leanings – his mother grew up in Mexico and his father was a physician. After volunteering at a hospital while in college, he attended medical school at the University of South Alabama and completed a residency at Highland Hospital in Oakland. He found his calling while still a medical student when he rotated through different settings and enjoyed working in community clinics. His interest in primary care, connecting with patients and using the Spanish he learned at home, all seemed to coalesce when he chose to become an internist working with the underserved Latino population. Prior to working at MNHC full-time, for the past nine years, he worked part-time at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland and Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center in Hayward.

The Excelsior Clinic, serving the needs of adults and children in the surrounding community, is a smaller site than the main Shotwell clinic. Services include adult and pediatric primary care, behavioral health, nutrition, gynecology and midwifery. The patient population served comes from a diverse socio-economic background and 70% are Latino. The bilingual staff moves easily from one language to another to accommodate the needs of the patient.

While a smaller environment may contribute to developing a cohesive team, likely it has more to do with Dr. Williams’ approach to leadership. “I focus on creating a democratic environment in which all employees have input into our decision-making, versus a top-down approach, to best to serve our patients,” said Dr. Williams.

In addition to the fundamental work of serving patients, under Dr. Williams’ leadership, process improvement is a constant theme at the Excelsior Clinic. Staff have worked strategically to improve access for patients and concentrate on care management – making sure those with chronic conditions are getting their annual tests and checkups that help them maintain a better lifestyle. “I am proud of our strong team and what we’ve accomplished together to help our patients,” he added.

Patient feedback surveys confirm that Dr. Williams’ approach is working. Patients state they feel respected by staff that are warm and listen to their concerns and needs, get a prompt answer to questions they may have and have good access to seeing a provider in a timely manner.

“I feel lucky to be able to do such important work while having fun and enjoying what I do, ” said Dr. Williams. No doubt the staff and patients notice that as well.

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