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diciembre 21, 2018 - Health News

Prenatal Outings Focused on Fun!

When you hear Angeles Hafiz, health educator at Mission Neighborhood Health Center (MNHC), speak about her clients, you can’t help but get excited.  Her dedication and enthusiasm is palpable. Each...
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diciembre 20, 2019 - Health News

Volunteer Offer of Help Leads to ESL Class for Patients

Every once in a while a volunteer will contact us wishing to give back.  This year Maggy Boone met Brenda Storey, MNHC’s Executive Director, at an event and offered her time to teach patients Engli...
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diciembre 19, 2018 - Health News

MNRC Creatively Expands its Substance Abuse Services

This fall, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC), with the aid of a federal grant from the Health Resources Services Administration, expanded its substance abuse services.  Ron Chornow, a certi...
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diciembre 14, 2018 - Health News

Serie Mensual de Educación y Apoyo en Español

Es usted un asistente personal de salud de alguien que padece Demencia y Alzheimer? Si es, venga y participe en nuestra sesión de Educación y Apoyo en español. Estas sesiones ocurren cada tercer d...
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diciembre 12, 2018 - Health News

Ash Kickers Program Debuts in Partnership with Breathe California

Mission Neighborhood Health Center has joined with Breathe California of the Bay Area to help MNHC patients reduce and in some cases, quit smoking. “Ash Kickers”, part of Breathe Californi...
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- Health News

MNHC Teams with the San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project (SFPDP)

This autumn, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center joined forces with the San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project (SFPDP) to connect Latino clients with its vast resources to improve their life situat...
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octubre 26, 2018 - Health News

Video: MNHC – 50 Years in the Community

Mission Neighborhood Health Center has provided the low-income San Francisco community with accessible care for over 50 years. ...
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octubre 20, 2017 - Health News

Fifty Years and Counting

On October 18, 2018 Mission Neighborhood Health Center celebrated its 50th anniversary with the community, its employees, its Board and its supporters with a festive party at the Gray Area Grand Theat...
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julio 9, 2018 - Health News

Excelsior Site Continues to Expand Services to Better Serve the Community

To better accommodate the needs of its patients, last autumn MNHC’s Excelsior site started offering adult services three Saturday’s a month from 8am to noon. The clinic is designed to provide pat...
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julio 9, 2018 - Health News

MNHC PrEP Clinic offers Options to Help Prevent HIV among Latino Gay Men

HIV continues to be a serious threat to the health of the Latino community. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2015, Latinos accounted for about one quarter of all new diagnoses of ...
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