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Our Board & Staff

Our executive management team and providers bring considerable talent and experience to their commitment to serve the Mission Neighborhood Health Center community.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Amelia Martínez-Bankhead


Rita Franklin

Vice President

Ricardo Wohler


Francisco García


Charles Moser, MD

  Community Trustee

George Bach-y-Rita, MD

Community Trustee

Sandra E. Mora, CPA

Community Trustee

Luz Decker

Consumer Trustee

María H. Molinero

Consumer Trustee

Senior Management

Senior Management

Brenda Storey, MSW, LCSW

Executive Director & CEO

Ricardo Alvarez, MD

Medical Director

Fernando Gomez-Benitez, BA

Deputy Director

Sade Salako

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Patty Caplan, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Jaime Ruiz, MD, FAAP

Associate Medical Director, Chief, Pediatrics

Joanie Pacheco

Director, Human Resources

Cesar Barravino

Director, Patient Services


Director, HIV Services

Stephanie Furtado

Director of Clinical Operations and Quality Improvement

Ruth Nuñez

Director, Homeless Services



Ricardo Alvarez, MD

MNHC Medical Director, Adult Medicine, HIV Services

Jaime Ruiz, MD

MNHC Associate Medical Director Clinical Chief Pediatrics Shotwell Clinic

Neil Sheran, MD

Clinical Chief, Special Populations - Clínica Esperanza HIV and Homeless Services

Brad Williams-Padilla, MD

Clinical Chief, Excelsior Clinic Adult Medicine

Susan Korbel, NP

Adult Medicine, Women's Clinic and HIV Services - Clinica Esperanza, Shotwell Clinic

Steve Leiner, NP

Adult Medicine, HIV Services - Clinica Esperanza, Shotwell Clinic

Katherine Vogler, NP

Adult Medicine

Brooke Finkmoore, NP

Adult Medicine, Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Angela “GiGi” Tattini, NP

Shotwell/ MNRC, Adult Medicine

Megan Greenberg, NP

Homeless Services Clinic Manager, MNRC

David Tran

Podiatrist, Adult Medicine

Dellma Postigo-Martell, MD

Pediatrics, Shotwell

Vanessa Puschendorf, NP

Shotwell, Pediatrics

Seth Ammerman, MD

Pediatrics/Teens, Shotwell Clinic

Zea Malawa , MD

Pediatrics, Shotwell

Simone Bennett, MD

Pediatrics, Shotwell

Lisa Garrett, NP

Pediatrics, Excelsior Clinic

Ana Delgado, CNM

Program Manager, Midwife Services Women´s Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Deborah Anderson, CNM

Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Julio Gabriel Diaz-Abarca, CNM

Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Linda Ennis, CNM

Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Rebekah Kaplan, CNM

Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Kara Myers, CNM

Women's Clinic, Shotwell Clinic

Team Pictures

Team Pictures

Our Women’s Clinic and Outreach & Enrollment Team

Clinica Esperanza

Patient Registration Team

Pediatrics team dresses up for Halloween!

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